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Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize the potential of the youth by engaging them in volunteering and strive to enhance their teamwork and leadership skills.

Our Vision

Positively impacting people's lives and encouraging others to do the same.

Nidhi Ikkurthy (Co-Founder)

She is a sophomore in Troy High School and is very enthusiastic about volunteering. She is determined to help improve people’s lives and help the community grow into a more better place. Nidhi has already passionately engaged in volunteering through various organizations. She wants to engage more people into supporting and volunteering the community and have other people experience the joy of people helping other people.


Vishnu Nair (Co-Founder)

Vishnu Nair is currently a sophomore at Troy High School. He has past experience with volunteering and contributing to significant projects, and he is aspiring to accomplish even more by volunteering more to positively affect society. Vishnu has decided to embrace his ambition and co-found his own organization, and he is looking forward to uniting a plethora of youth under this organization. Most importantly, he is excited to be a leader and guide others in this common goal to enhance citizens' quality of life.

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Natalie Tallu

Natalie Tallu is an eighth grader in Smith Middle School and enjoys volunteering. She has already volunteered for public and at-home volunteering opportunities. Natalie hopes to do more to help out her community in the future.

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Sabrina Tallu

Sabrina Tallu is a sophomore in Troy High School and loves to volunteer. She loves helping her community out. Sabrina already has 30+ hours of working with THS project lead and MYVA. Helping others out brings her joy! Sabrina is excited for future projects.

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Tara Tallu

She is a seventh grader at Smith Middle School and enjoys volunteering. She loves to be a helping hand within her community. Tara has participated in at home and public volunteering activities. She looks forward to future activities!

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Armaan Rajpal

Armaan is an 8th grader at Smith Middle School. He love volunteering and helping people in any way he can. In these tough times, staying positive is his motto!

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Anna George

Anna George is a sixth grader at Boulan Park Middle School. This is her first year volunteering and she enjoys volunteering at MYVA. She loves reading books especially reading mysteries.

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Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George is currently a sophomore in Troy High School. She has volunteered at Project Lead and MYVA several times. Elizabeth never passes up a volunteering opportunity. Since 2020 - 2021 year, she has done over 20 activities from making cards for seniors to helping write word searches and riddles for the school newsletter to filtering out data to find supernovae.


Neel Kariat

Neel Kariat is a 6th grader at Baker Middle School. He has been volunteering through MYVA since 2020. He has a passion for reading, math, chess, painting and coding. He finds time between studying, pursuing his passion and playing to volunteer though MYVA.

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Ashna Atukuri

Ashna Atukuri is a junior at Troy High School. She loves to volunteer in her free time and contribute to good causes. She began her volunteering journey in ninth grade when she would volunteer at a memory care center every Tuesday. Engaging with the elderly folk was an intriguing, yet heartwarming experience. It opened her eyes and encouraged her to continue volunteering.

Arin Soni

Arin is a 5th grader from Leonard Elementary. He loves to volunteer and participate in community activities whenever he can. Arin loves to play soccer, tennis and basketball. He is an extrovert and is always making new friends. He loves to help his friends always.

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson is in 11th grade in Troy High.

Atul Ganesh

Atul Ganesh is in 7th grade , Boulan park middle school , Troy

Karthick Prasanth

Karthick Prasanth is in 7th grade , Boulan park middle school , Troy

Saran Nimmagadda

Saran Nimmagadda (Mili) is in 11th grade

Krishna Thotakura

Chris Sebastian

Niveda Das

Nivin Das

Advaith Rajanish

Bhuvankumar Ashokkumar

Bhuvankumar Ashokkumar is a sophomore in Troy High and enjoys helping the community by volunteering. He's volunteering in Reboot future with 30 hours and worked with MYVSA. He desires to help the community and constantly appears for the positives in matters in preference to the negatives.


Akshaya Palanisamy

Akshaya Palanisamy is a freshman at Troy High School. Akshaya has volunteered previously for different organizations and is intent on helping her community even more.


Siddhant Bhirud 

Siddhant is a sophomore at Troy High School who loves to volunteer and help the community out as much as possible. He also has plenty of experience before helping out the community by volunteering at numerous food drives around Detroit.


Akhil Kadari

Akhil Kadari is entering the 10th grade at Troy High School. He joined MYVA because he saw it as an opportunity to participate in various meal drives; he wanted to give a helping hand to the community. Akhil also has a passion for swimming, coding, and building computers.


Akshara Palanisamy 

Akshara Palanisamy is an incoming freshman at Troy High School. She enjoys hanging out with new people and giving back to the community.



Chinmay is an 8th grader at Boulan Park Middle School. His passion is reading books and solving Rubik’s cube. He joined MYVA to spend more time helping others.

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