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Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize the potential of the youth by engaging them in volunteering and strive to enhance their teamwork and leadership skills.

Our Vision

At MYVA, we seek to positively impact people's lives and encourage others to do the same.

Current Board

Nidhi Ikkurthy (Co-Founder)

She is a sophomore in Troy High School and is very enthusiastic about volunteering. She is determined to help improve people’s lives and help the community grow into a more better place. Nidhi has already passionately engaged in volunteering through various organizations. She wants to engage more people into supporting and volunteering the community and have other people experience the joy of people helping other people.


Vishnu Nair (Co-Founder)

Vishnu Nair is currently a sophomore at Troy High School. He has past experience with volunteering and contributing to significant projects, and he is aspiring to accomplish even more by volunteering more to positively affect society. Vishnu has decided to embrace his ambition and co-found his own organization, and he is looking forward to uniting a plethora of youth under this organization. Most importantly, he is excited to be a leader and guide others in this common goal to enhance citizens' quality of life.


Nivin Suresh (Vice President of Administration)

My name is Nivin Suresh, I’m a sophomore at Troy High School. I’m also on of the vice presidents of MYVA, I was in 6th grade when I started to volunteer for MYVA, and have been volunteering since. I enjoy cooking and dancing in my free time, and am involved in robotics at school. In the future, I would like to pursue a career in aerospace engineering, and I have written a paper on the “Effects of Radiation on Astronauts and Electronics in Space.” I do have a life outside of all this, which I like to spend with my friends.


Atul Ganesh (Vice President of Administration)

My name is Atul Ganesh and I am one of the VPs of Administration for MYVA. I started volunteering for MYVA in 7th grade. I was motivated to help my community in any way I can, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, aside from MYVA activities, I also coach the Boulan Park Middle School Quizbowl Team. Aside from Volunteering, I am very passionate about Biology, particularly Neuroscience and Neurodegenrative disease research. I also play saxophone, and am a big time sports enthusiast.


Karthik Prasant (Vice President of Administration)

My name is Karthik Prasant, a sophomore at Troy High School. I am currently the co-president of MYVA. My hobbies include music, video games, and sleeping.  I am secretary of Japanese Club at my school and am also involved in Model UN and Robotics. Besides Volunteering, a career I am passionate about Computer Engineering and Computer Science.


Chinmay Nair (Vice President of Website Management)

My name is Chinmay Nair and I am a sophomore at Troy High. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and spending time with my friends during my free time. I am the assistant lead of programming on Troy High's robotics team. I am interested in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Ever since joining MYVA in 2020, I have strived to improve the lives of others through hard work and dedication. 


Priyanka Thachil (Vice President of PR)

My name is Priyanka Thachil and I’m a sophomore. I go to Cranbrook high school. I have been volunteering with MYVA for a few years and am happy to be an admin member this year!

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