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Impacting people's lives

About MYVA

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The Michigan Youth Volunteering Alliance (MYVA) is a group of aspiring individuals aiming to bring a positive change to the lives of citizens in the community and to motivate youth to do the same. We will be providing many volunteering opportunities, which will be displayed on our schedule in the "Upcoming Events" page which you can view as a member. We hope we inspire as many people as possible to contribute to the same cause, and to help MYVA expand and improve society. 

We are a proud recipient of the Heart Warming project grant from Youth Service America and the Troy Community Foundation grant!

Interested in joining MYVA?

Don't hesitate to contact us at 

or provide details in the "Register" subpage

Member Requirements

*Membership is free*

We accept members that are aged 8-17 years old. If you want to be a member of MYVA, stay committed by attending group meetings and participating in group volunteering activities.


If you are interested in joining MYVA, send us an email and include details about yourself, including age, grade, and school. You can go to Contact --> Register to do this.


Our volunteering activities will be scheduled outside school hours for the convenience of students.

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